Exercises That Improve Eyesight

Computer, television, and books abuse our eyes. To regain good eyesight, natural solutions exist.

Seeing well, it’s also in the head

The mirror eyes of the soul are the theory of psychologist Danielle Cesbron. “I have found that visual disturbances do not appear at all times in life,” she explains. Everything that our eyes manifest is a reflection of a state within us ”.
According to her, myopic people are mentally on the lookout for difficulties, and therefore pose a tense, hazy outlook on the world. Farsighted people tend to lack self-confidence, which creates blurred near vision. Of course, we are all stressed out, and yet not all of us have sight problems. “For those who wear glasses, anxiety and mistrust are not occasional, it is a general view of life,” explains the psychologist. They are constantly looking through a keyhole ”. To naturally treat these visual dysfunctions, Danielle Cesbron applies the methods of Doctor Bates, an American ophthalmologist from the beginning of the 20th century who was responsible for these discoveries. It is about relaxing your eyes by mentally visualizing pleasant images, and training to react to life without tension.

Eye yoga, a daily ritual

The Bates method also includes eye gymnastics exercises, eye yoga. This doctor noticed that diseased eyes have more difficulty moving properly. It doesn’t get better these days. The television and the computer, which force us to stare at a screen, excessively strain our eyesight. Moving your eyes helps relax them and therefore improves eyesight. These exercises are simple: look at an object near your nose without seeing double, follow a pencil with your gaze, look up and down and left to right without moving your head. The lazier can also get glasses with black screens, which force the eyes to work. Done daily, this gymnastics significantly improves visual comfort, according to Danielle Cesbron. “The only problem is that you have to do it all your life, she advises. If we stop, the symptoms reappear ”.

Don’t neglect your doctor

These gentle methods can help get rid of your glasses, and, if Danielle Cesbron is to be believed, would even help treat more serious conditions like cataracts and glaucoma. Be careful all the same. These techniques are safe as long as you do not neglect your appointment with the ophthalmologist. “I do not recommend this type of method to patients if they have first been examined by a doctor, and if any serious eye disease has been ruled out”, explains Professor Gilles Renard, head of the ophthalmological service at the Hotel. -God in Paris. Indeed, poorly treated, certain diseases such as glaucoma or retinopathy, which do not present obvious symptoms, can make you blind.

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