how to continue to be happy after marriage! ? The best way for a couple to get along is “the two have the final say”!

You have to watch with or without companions! Marriage is not easy, but it’s not a way to stay north.

Climbing obstacles, finally came to the promised land of marriage. But there, will you see the long-awaited scenery? Or is it surprisingly found that there are actually a lot of landmines? This is a letter of welcome and condolences that gathers the experience of countless senior wives and wives. It is easy to say Dos and Don’ts in marriage, and then I wish you good luck!

First of all, congratulations on your getting married! After frantic wedding preparations, the bombing of wedding banquets, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding photos and other small and small details, the host and the host had a fun and noisy night; after waking up the next day, everything that was beautiful last night, as if the universe revolved around you He is flattered and will soon be classified as the past as you were single.

I hope you can realize that the show is just about to begin.

This may sound intimidating. When you think you have gone through the thorns and thorns of finding a partner and interacting, and find someone willing to stay with you for your life, you have finally crossed the finish line. It’s not that you can sit down and take a breath. , Receive the trophy?

Let me think about it, how can I say that I don’t seem to be stereotypical. Marriage is like a never-ending propositional composition. It is not easier to write than the “Outline of the Founding of the People’s Republic”. Readers’ feelings and interests must be taken into consideration at all times; it is also like a curious and changeable duet dance, not always dancing passionate tango. , Occasionally there will be a “battle” of street dance. Occasionally, it may suddenly turn into a bad show. You want to leave, but everyone says to you, “This is the ticket you bought voluntarily. Who is to blame?”
The rule of happiness is to return to “the two have the final say”

In order to ensure that the sampling range is wide enough, I asked a round of senior wives around me about the rules of happy marriage. Unexpectedly, each is not evasive (“It depends, what is your definition of happiness?” “I smiled and cried.” “Ah, it’s a long story.”); or moved out very ” The answer to “Jing Si Yu Sense” (“Tolerate each other and respect each other.” “Don’t take each other’s contributions for granted.” “Good communication is essential.”).

Marriage itself is so full of swinging values ​​and earnest words. Because it has surpassed the simple “love” when in love, and has come to a higher level of “getting along”. And the best way to get along, in the simplest terms, is: “Two people have the final say.”

As long as the communication channels can be kept open, willing to listen and understand, and be able to get together in bed after a fight, even if it is an organic and healthy marriage. “I have a couple of friends who were newly married and almost quarreled for a divorce because of a can of soy sauce. Girls wanted to buy handmade non-basic soy sauce. The price was higher. Boys thought why they were spending money, just buy chemical soy sauce.” My friend P shared with me the case around her.Your parents will never be my parents!

“Oh my God, isn’t this the obvious difference in values? After that, there will be endless quarrels, and it will soon become a big event.” I said.

“Yes, but later because of food safety issues, boys also began to feel that some money should not be spent. Afterwards, if girls persist, they will pay for themselves; otherwise, let the boys go.” P said.

The same “two people have the final say” can also be applied to facing the elders at home and raising children. Everyone cares for each elder, and every holiday season, you can take out half of your heartfelt condolences with each other’s parents. Really don’t let people outside your husband and wife invade your house , because your parents will never be my parents. , If you’re lucky, it’s just “loving my in-laws/parents-in-law.” Privately believe that Asian society should also imitate Hollywood to launch a #metoo movement, only to expose the object of the “unconsensual forcible assault” in-laws or Yue’s family.

“When I say no, I just don’t.” In the face of unreasonable ultra vires violations and guilt, you can only rely on the husband and wife to breathe out of one nostril to blow away the misty air. Especially “marriage is not just two people, but also the union of two families.” This sentence really has to be discounted. The new interpretation should be: “No, marriage is really just a combination of two people. Both parties must be added. When the family comes in, as long as it can add points to the quality of the marriage, if there are points deducted, don’t.”Compromise without sacrifice, it’s important to keep yourself

Before this article is about to degenerate into an elder-style morsel and full of eight-point local drama plots, I still can’t help but want to say that marriage is more of an identity. Although the process inevitably compromises, it is not completely lost. The two can also keep their pre-marital life and circle of friends, keep the pace of growing up together, and more importantly, keep their own space.

My other friend A is trying to keep her own cool mother. She is double-paid and has a young child. She is good with the old convention. Every day, she must be given half an hour to be free enough to use her phone to slide her phone, apply her face, and apply nail polish. Great. One day a week, she is allowed to take a vacation, and this archer mother who loves the outdoors will go to the North Coast, dive in Kenting, or go on a small trip to Eastern Taiwan with her sister.

“Marriage is not easy, but it’s not a way to stay in the north.” A very open-minded said: “The important thing is to know how to appreciate each other’s humor and laughter. There are too many things in this world. You have to try to live your life. Look for laughter.” Putting her marriage motto on a bit more is to know how to magnify each other’s strengths rather than shortcomings. “The biggest thing I learned in my marriage is that there are some things to be swallowed and don’t lose your eyes.” For example, Mr. Dang volunteered to help wash the dishes. Although the bowl still has grease stains or vegetable stains, A will choose not to She said, “Once the words are spoken, there will be no help from him next time.” She said solemnly: “If you use marriage management to manage the workplace, make friends, and politics, the world is really beautiful.”Marriage Su Huagai? Use wisdom to let the other party “adjust”

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