Marriage requires both parties to live comfortably before they can play together!

Before marriage, it is best to find people with similar values ​​to stay together, as the chances of success will be higher. If one likes a small self-guided trip to Europe for one person, and the other likes Southeast Asian vulgar and big-bowl tour groups, it is not impossible to continue after marriage, but the time for running-in must be longer. This basic difference in values ​​will inevitably extend to all levels, unless both parties They are all able to let the other person travel in their own way (yes, this is a metaphor that refers to life).

“So, at the very beginning, we must choose the manufacturable materials. If the selection is too bad, we have to admit the compensation and kill it.” K still didn’t change his handsome character, and said quickly. Of course, everyone’s definition of a happy marriage cannot be the same. K believes that in a more forgiving way, it is most important for both parties to be comfortable in a marriage. “I have seen too many people who are uncomfortable in their marriages, and they all get sick after their lives.”

Regarding the law of marriage happiness, there are probably more regulations than the “Six Laws”, such as “speak clearly before marriage”, “maintain a fixed little dating habit”, and “do not neglect management of bedclothes, otherwise it will be easy.” Become a sexless couple”, “tolerant and respect each other”.Please don’t forget the original intention of loving each other!

Unfortunately, no amount of rules will guarantee a perfect marriage. The form of marriage seems to be safe and secure, but in essence it is fluid and unpredictable. You can’t just let go of your phone just because you’re married, and still have to work hard at all times. Otherwise, the fan pages of the house girl Xiaohong (“What is this, this is marriage…#烟”) and Xu Changde (“Don’t let his infidelity become a stumbling block in your life.”) will not produce fan pages. With so many endless contents, I can transcend all living beings in the sea of ​​marriage.

“Before getting married, think about whether you really have enough fun?” A laughed and said that this is really worth thinking about. I think it’s better to think of it as: “Even if I get married, I will continue to play, and it will be two together.” A marriage contract can be as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain. It may be a training ground or a playground; remember the original intention of loving each other, the moment when you look at the electric light and flint, and then try not to be restrained by marriage to the imagination of life, and create more interesting ways to play together. If one day comes to the moment when the fate is exhausted, then he will have the ability to gracefully turn around and exit.

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