Moving, How To Inform Your Insurance Companies?

During a move, beyond all the logistics that this implies, do not forget to inform the various public bodies of the change of address. No one should be forgotten and there are a lot of them. Health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, telecommunications, etc. enough to put your move in the paper … did you know that there is software to centralize all your requests and manage all your insurance contracts: My Swiss Broker. Discover its features in our article.

Report your change of address to your health insurance

If you are about to change domicile, you will need to communicate your new address to your health insurance. Several scenarios arise:

  • You move to the same canton of residence

If you come to move but stay in the same canton of residence, all you have to do is report your change of address to your insurance company. By staying in the same canton, your change of domicile will have no impact on the price of your premium. Be careful not to forget to indicate your change of address to your health insurance fund covering your supplementary insurance if this differs from basic health insurance.

  • You move to another canton of residence

You move and change canton of residence. In this case, you must notify your change of address to your insurance company, which will recalculate the amount of your premium according to your new place of residence (change of tariff zone). Indeed, the premiums vary from one canton to another, your move may therefore lead to an increase or a decrease in your premium. 

You can compare the premiums according to your canton of residence directly online thanks to our personalized comparator. Our advisers are at your disposal for any question or need for clarification concerning your situation.

I am moving abroad

If you move and leave Switzerland for a non-border country, you will no longer be insured by the basic health insurance, LAMal. Coverage ends upon departure from the country. But there are exceptions such as for example if your move is involved by your employer (professional transfer) whose company is fiscally domiciled in Switzerland, you, therefore, continue to be covered by the LAMal.

I become a border worker (France, Germany, Italy, Austria)

If you move to one of the countries bordering Switzerland, you are required to take out health insurance. However, you have the choice between insuring yourself with LAMal in Switzerland or with a health insurance fund in your country of residence. This is the right option, you have three months to make your choice whether you wish to be insured with the LAMal or with health insurance in France. This decision is final, you will not be able to go back on this choice except for exceptions which are:

  • If you return to work in Switzerland after a period of unemployment in your country of residence.
  • You quit your cross-border worker status and become beneficiaries of Swiss pensions
  • You change your country of residence

If you are in one of these three situations, you will be able to exercise your right of option again.

Report your change of address to your home insurance

It goes without saying that if you come to move, you will have to report your change of address to your home insurance.

You move to a larger home

If you are moving out of your current home to move to a larger home, there is a good chance that you will be investing in additional furniture. Your household inventory will therefore increase. You will therefore need to update your household inventory and inform your insurance company of the changes.

Beyond your inventory, it is also the amount of the premium that will be reassessed to be adapted to your new home. More space, presence or not of a garage that did not exist in your previous accommodation, terrace, balcony, there are many reasons and this will have an impact on the price of your premium. It is therefore essential and mandatory to notify your insurance of this change so as not to have unpleasant surprises if you are the victim of a violation of your home or of an incident.

Also the change of canton of residence will also have an impact on the amount of your home premium.

Compare the offers and find the premium at the best price for your household third-party insurance. Compare household liability premiums

It is also possible that you move to move in with your partner or a roommate, in this case you will have to change your home insurance because the insurances are not the same for one or more people in the same household.

For liability insurance, all you have to do is notify that there is an additional person in your home. She will update your coverage for the entire household. Conversely, it is possible that a roommate leaves your accommodation or that you separate to go and live alone in new accommodation. Whatever the change in the situation, you will need to notify your insurance company. Compare civil liability insurance premiums

Report your change of address to your vehicle insurance

When you change domicile, you must also notify your vehicle insurance in order to update your address with your insurer as a first step. But it is especially on your official documents such as the driving license and the vehicle registration document that you will have to think about changing your place of residence.

What about your driver’s license and vehicle registration document?

If you move to the same canton of residence , you must still report the change of address to your canton’s automobile service, so you can keep your license plate. From the date of the move, you will have 14 days to inform them of your change of place of residence.

Today there is a new driver’s license in credit card format, if you already have one you can send your new address directly by mail or telephone to the automobile service. If not, you will need to order this new driver’s license.

If you move to another canton of residence , you will also need to change your license plates and vehicle insurance (always to be reported within 14 days of the move). You will need to send to the automobile service of your new canton of residence :

  • the form “Registration for the registration of a motor vehicle” duly completed
  • the old driving license (gray card)
  • a new insurance certificate (to be requested from your insurer)

You can then exchange your old license plate for the new one.

You will of course also have to change your place of residence on your vehicle registration document. If you don’t want to get into trouble with the authorities in the country, you better be up to date on your vehicle documents.

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